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CIJ A400 Plus
CIJ A400 Plus CIJ A400 Plus CIJ A400 Plus CIJ A400 Plus

CIJ A400 Plus

Product ID : A400 plus
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Product Attributes :

Print Line:1-5 line (5x7 dot)

Print Dot Matrix:5X7 7X9 9X12 8X16 12X12 16X16 16X24 24X24 and 40 dot  user-defined picture

Print Speed: 293M/min (5x5)

Language: English Chinese Spanish etc..

Material OF Print head: Ruby

Printhead heating Temperature:35°

Viscosity detection:negative pressure

Type OF Ink :  butanone/alcohol/MIX

Out Interface: Sensor & Synchronizer& Alram

Available Accessary:Laser Sensor, Color sensor,  Synchronizer , magnetic switch

IP LEVEL: IP 55 Grade


Print font: Simplified song style &Simplified blackbody etc..

Print Height: 1-15MM adjustable

Printhead Connect Tube:3Merter Or 4 Meter 

Diameter OF print head: 60micron 

Print Distance:2-20MM

Printhead Clean:Auto Independent 

Ink Color: Black Red Blue Yellow and invisibility

Material OF Body: 304 S/S

Size of machine: 500mm*360mm*300mm

Working Temperature:5-45°

Voltage :110V-260V  50/60Hz 220V

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